Poems & Other Creative Writing

Poetry is my first love. These links are all from places and people willing to foster that love with encouragement and publication. I cannot thank these people enough. 

Photo by Monica Barber

Photo by Monica Barber

Garbanzo Literary Journal, Volume 3: “On the Edge” 

Two@SJSU: “Try to Stop Me” (short story)

CSU Summer Arts Newsletter: “The Wemoirist” (essay)

34th Parallel, Issue 25: “Captured” 

Perceptions Magazine 2014: “Spirits” 

Deep Water Literary Journal 2014, Issue 2: “His Pulse,” “Nerves” 

Burntdistrict, Volume 3, Issue 2: “Off-line” 

Three: “Neon Nights” 

Reed Magazine, Issue 68: “Interview with Alan Soldofsky” (feature story)

Photo by Briana Jauregui

Photo by Briana Jauregui

Caesura, (dis)Ability: “The Train” 

American Mustard III: “What Happens When You Believe in Love” 

Vagabonds: An Anthology of Mad Ones: “To The Drunken Lady On a Microphone,” “Kitty’s Apothecary” 

Reed Magazine, Issue 69: “Cinderella” 

Yes, Poetry: “Untouchable Number” 

Vagabond City: “Step Six” 

sPARKLE + bLINK 82: “Symptoms,” “The Things That Keep Me Up At Night,” “The Women in my Family” 

Sage Curtis reading for Quiet Lightning at The Stud Bar on Monday, February 6, 2017. 

Lipstickparty Mag: “The Women March” 

The Fem Lit Mag: “Eschatology” 

Luna Luna Magazine: “Medusa” 

The Santa Clara Review: "Step Four"

Degenerates: Voices for Peace: “Midnight,” “Step Ten,” “One-on-One” 

Cliterature: Feminism Issue: “A Girl and Her Knife,” “Portrait at 27” 

Mainstreet Rag: Of Burgers and Barrooms: "Instructions for Girls in Glitter Dresses" 

Can You Hear Me: A Planned Parenthood Action California Project: "Brock Turner Wants An Appeal

The Dandelion Review: "Advice From My Body," "The First 12 Steps of a Child"

The Normal School: "Fix"

Glass Poetry: "We Think Differently (At Night)"

Agape Editions: "Bacchae

Juked: “Letting the Wind In