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My work as a journalist started early, as a reporter for my high school newspaper during my sophomore year. I quickly fell in love with the medium, became Editor-in-Chief and then worked throughout my college years as a reporter, editor and designer. This experience has translated into pitching my work to online outlets such as The Culture Trip, The Tempest and for print publications. Here is a sample of that work: 


Stop Telling Us

Earlier this week, Austin Wilkerson was sentenced to two years of “work release” for feigning to care about the well-being of an unconscious woman, raping her, bad-mouthing her to his friends, and then –wait for it – admitting and apologizing for it in a court of law. 


A History of Poetry in SF

Among all the murals, dive bars and scenic coastline, San Francisco has a rich history of innovating the poetry scene. Starting with the San Francisco Renaissance in the late 1940s, poets have flocked to the Bay Area to take part in a unique poetic conversation. 


California Wine Regions

Napa Valley is known for its wine, food and beautiful landscape, but Northern Californians know it’s also famous for its crowds and high prices. Luckily, good grapes don’t just grow near Highway 29. Check out these six other Bay Area wine regions.                            


During my tenure as a reporter and an editor at San Jose State's The Spartan Daily, I wrote articles across all subjects, including breaking news, feature articles, and sports. 

As an editor, I was in charge of the long-length Features section and page layout and design. 

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